For breweries, alcohol and ethanol plants

For breweries, alcohol and ethanol plants
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 Wastes of ethanol plants, distilling plants and breweries are different by their characteristics and quantity, but the technology of their processing is the same.


 DDGS (of corn or wheat) is the waste at the ethanol plants. Brewer's grains are the waste product of the brewing industry (dregs remaining after boiling and filtering barley mash). At the brewery, there are also such wastes as fermentation sludge and yeast after fermentation that can be processed in the biogas plant. Ethanol stillage is the same as distillery stillage. The specificity of the ethanol production is that the amount of the bard produced is from 5 to 10 times higher which requires high cost of its disposal.  


 Wastes of the alcohol production are characterized by their rapid degradation and so they have a tendency to oxidize. That is why, when processed, two-stage technology is used and hydrolysis reactor is provided. The dilution of wastes by the filtrate of the fermented mass takes place in the hydrolysis reactor, which allows controlling the acidity level.  


 The main advantage of the biogas plant from the other waste treatment systems of corresponding productions is that it doesn’t consumes energy, but produces it. Typically, production waste is enough for the enterprise to cover the needs in the gas and energy resources. In the case of construction of a new plant it is possible to reduce capital costs, as there is no need in laying gas pipelines, power lines, pipelines to the filtration fields. The biogas plant occupies much smaller area than the filtration field. Thanks to the tightness of fermenters, smells are not extended. The quality of the runoffs at the output after a biogas plant is improved. The level of COD and BOD is reduced by 8-10 times.

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