Energy crops

Energy crops
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 As for the gas yield, plant biomass gives one of the greatest results. As a raw material for biogas plant almost all green plants may be used, fresh or as silage. The most productive energy crops for biogas production are: corn silage of milk and waxy ripeness, Sudan grass, haylage from the meadows, clover mixture with other herbs, grains silage, sugar and fodder beet with leaves, potatoes, crops. Raw materials of plants have a high content of dry substances comparatively with other materials.


 The use of plant crops provides with a significant amount of biogas, of which the company may produce electricity and heat in a cogeneration plant.


 Silage corn today is one of the most effective substrates for the biogas production.  The plant is notable for its good crop capacity and efficiency in biogas production. Energy crops rotations when one energy crop is interchanged by another are experienced in the European countries, that makes it possible to gather the verdurous masses two times a year, inhibit weeds growth and considerably save company’s funds. The cost of fertilizer for growing energy crops are small, as there are high-quality bio-fertilizers produced at the plant itself.


 If the enterprise has not enough raw materials, you can always consider the possibility of energy production from crops, the so-called energy crops. In many countries, more and more areas are assigned for energy crops used for biogas and energy production. Many Asian states, considering their climatic conditions and the ability to produce biomass all year-round, now seriously consider biogas as an important source of energy.

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